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Smile Gallery

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CASE 1 - Full Mouth Restoration

 CASE 2 - Cemented Implant Bridge



CASE 3- Temporary Bridge


 CASE 4- Implant Planning for Implant Placement 


CASE 5- Sometimes we can give hope to a hopeless situation!



CASE 6- Custom stain and glaze by Dr. Kimbrell 




CASE 7- Anterior crowns stained

              and glazed by Dr. Kimbrell



CASE 8- Anterior bridge stained

             and glazed by Dr. Kimbrell



CASE 9- Veneers



 CASE 10- Anterior bridge 


 CASE 11- Veneers 


CASE 12- Anterior Crowns



CASE 13- Veneers



 CASE 14- Anterior Crowns 


CASE 15- Extractions with Immediate Denture

 CASE 16- Anterior Crowns 

*These are actual patients with amazing results !!


We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.