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Teeth in a Day

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All on 4 / Teeth in a Day

Unlike previous implant placement techniques where bone grafts, sinus lifts, and nerve re-positioning were required to obtain ideal position of implants to support the final replacement appliance, the all on 4/teeth in a day technique uses angulation of implants to obtain these strategic positions. 

Due to this angulation, the manufactured parts only allow for a prosthesis that is screwed to an intermediate component which connects the implant to the replacement teeth.  The technique that I use bypasses the manufacturers components but keeps all the advantages of angled implant placement but allows custom parts to be made and a cemented all ceramic bridge to be constructed that is the most hygienic, most esthetic and in some cases, more economical.  It is as close to a patients natural teeth as possible.

The technology that allows this to be done consists of CAD/CAM milling of titanium parts and the same technology milling the all ceramic bridge out of zirconia ("white steel")and overlayed with porcelain.  The bridge and components are virtually indestructible.

In my more than 2 decades experience of restoring dental implants, patients have the same goal - to have an appliance that is as close to natural teeth as possible.  The appliance they are talking about is a cemented all ceramic bridge.

If you've had or considering having the all on 4/teeth in a day implant placement, call us and we'll be glad to discuss the ceramic bridge option.


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